Pre-Launch analysis of Apple’s upcoming iphone 7

According to the latest reports Apple's new i-phone will feature 12 mega-pixel camera, an upgrade from the photographic capabilities of the previous i phone 6 . The new i phone 7 or i phone 6S (most of the tech. experts are in two minds what apple will call it). It is expected that new version will be launched in the mid of this year .According to secret reports and technology experts apple may increase the camera quality from 8 mega pixel to 12 mega pixels or might be 20 mega pixel.

If all the analysis of prelaunch comes true pixel count on the i phone 7 or i phone 6s what apple will call it will be closer to Sony Xperia Z4 its closest rival.

With latest smart phone i6 apple still remained aloof from the pixel arms race, but according to the experts apple cannot hold it anymore this is the time to step in to 2015 and increase  in the level of details.
The next iphone's camera may be increased in pixels but the sensor size of the camera will be remained small this means they may not able to capture more light not suitable for the photographic chops.

How sensor affect the image qulity ?

The physical sensor of the camera is crucial along side with the quality of the lens and image processing software. Most of the makers boost the number of the mega-pixels of image  captured by sensors is not necessarily a good guide to photographic experts .For example a  large 8 mega-pixel sensor will produce a better  image then a small 8 mega-pixel sensor specially for low light imaging bigger sensor will capture more light and will produce better quality image.

What more we can expect from apple's next iphone ?

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i) Next i phone may come with the two lenses . What's the concept ? In starting of this year there were sketchy reports that apple is experimenting with the dual lens camera. That would bring DSLR- level photography to the next i phone . But all were rumors and most of the tech. community was sceptical . But many of the analysts still believe that apple is planning a sufficient upgrade for the next smart phone cameras.

ii) Next i phone may have faster , brighter lenses. What's the concept ?
The aperture of the lens which determines how much light the camera sensor receives. the i phone 6's lens  aperture is f/2.2 , but has been superseded by rival smart phone makers offering phone's with aperture of f/1.8. This may be a little numerical difference but a lens of aperture f/1.8 captures more light than aperture of f/2.2 . Increasing the brightness of the lens may help Apple's to counteract the effect of reducing the sensor size.

iii) Next i phone may be loaded with ultra high 4K video .What are issues ?.
Apple has been resistant to adding features simply sake of higher number on the sheet of specification , but boosting the pixel in next smart phone apple may add 4K video too. While most of their rivals have already offered  this feature.

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