Whatsapp VS Telegram | Which is Better | Lafandar

Whatsapp VS Telegram | Which is Better | Lafandar

No doubt, if you are a Smartphone user and not heard or used these two popular messaging applications. Both of the application uses the mobile number as ID to connect with other users. Like Facebook you don’t need to search for friends or the person you know. One of the great benefits of both of applications is that you don’t need to remember your credential's as there is no username or password.

When Whatsapp was bought up by Facebook in Feb. 2014 application has received some magnificent changes like blue ticks and Voice calls. You can’t believe that there are over 850 million active WhatsApp users. After the Voice call, the feature is introduced the number of the application user are increasing day by day.

In simple words, I can say that both applications allow you to send text, pictures or another kind of media files. But I just heard Tech. Community (may be rumors) that lots of users are switching from Whatsapp to Telegram because of its better features like group chat up to 200 users and sending files up to 100 MB (Whatsapp allows up to 50 MB per file). Telegram has a new feature' auto self-destruct message ' with this you can synchronize all your devices and stores the data in the cloud. Even the developers of the telegram are pretty sure about the security of this application as they have an offer for the hackers of 200.00 million who can break the security of the application while Whatsapp faced several hacking attacks and I am pretty sure they will never come with such exclusive offer. In simple words telegram is more secure application than Whatsapp.

Conclusion :
So my final words are Telegram is more secure than Whatsapp. But people prefer Whatsapp due to its calling feature and more users than Telegram .If installs Telegram you see a few people uses Telegram while most of the people use Whatsapp.

Privacy is the main concern while connecting to the internet but lots of us don’t care about the security or privacy when it comes to a popular application like Whatsapp.Whatsapp is now free for for lifetime as update received in 2016.

Update of Calling features for Windows phone .

Whatsapp has rolled out WhatsApp voice or VOIP for the private beta version for windows. The version that is available in windows store doesn’t have any such feature. Even I can’t say when the full version of the app will come to the store. According to some secret reports we are likely, few weeks out before the things are finalized. Aaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please don’t ask me how to get access to the private beta app as there is no such public signup method.

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