iOS 9 Update , feature & rumors

iOS 9 may be available in the market from September 2015. According to the tech. community, Apple may focus on fixing the bugs and problems that were in the iOS 8. The features many people are talking about is the compatibility of i OS's next version towards the older one. Last time when iOS 8 's update was released was not available for iOS 4 and iOS 7 didn't support the phone's 3G service and older services. It seems that apple is working on the kernel of the previous version to support these must have services.

With apples's $ 3 billion deal with Beats music it is rumored that this is the tine for apple's new music app, it rumors comes true it will take away the apple users from Google Play music ALL access and spotify.
Although the force touch technology was recently included in the previous apple's watch and mac-book , Still i phone's do not have this feature, and according to me apple is bound to add this feature in upcoming smart phone i.e. i phone 6S or i phone 7. Force touch is a technology than can differentiate between soft and hard pressure. I still believe that this technology will be  included in iOS 9's update.

But i will definitely concentrate the most critical aspect of the iOS i.e. its size , Precious version of iOS"s was criticized due its size (eating up a lots of data) 5 GB  with some simple application it reached up to 7 GB, This was the horns on the nose for the i phone users who had i phone in 16 GB variant.

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