How To Convert your TV into Smart PC with iRevo Smart PC ?

The iRevo Smart PC is an exciting new product category that brings PC capability at a price and capabilities not available before. The unique small form factor CPU unit lets you use your TV (Flat-Panel as well as CRT TVs) as a monitor; further saving you thousands of Rupees in monitor cost. This product is ideally suited for a day to day PC use of a typical consumer which includes web browsing (virus and pop-up free), e-mail, online shopping, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Skype and more. Furthermore, the product comes with (via installation option) for Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint at no additional cost to consumers. Users can download popular Android Apps and Games from Google Play store for unlimited computing, educational material and games like Candy Crush, Angry Birds, Word with Friends and more. 
The product is built on a customized Android platform. It is powered by iRevo's innovative WebTop interface which makes it easy to use by a novice yet puts power at fingertips of  pros. iRevo Cloud is used for automated software updates and desktop customization. iRevo Smart PC features a Quad Core processor that is more than capable of handling every day computing and entertainment. The included wireless keyboard and mouse makes it easy to interact with the Smart PC from a distance; when connected to a TV. Many people connect their PCs to TV for entertainment, now you can leave a PC connected to TV for entertainment or education and web browsing!

iRevo SmartPC performance rivals that of an entry level PCs costing three times as much. MRP starts at under Rs. 8,000. Engineered for reliability with pleasant aesthetics, iRevo SmartPC runs cool and is without Fan for higher reliability. USB ports are available for peripheral expansions like external hard-disk or pen drive, Skype Camera and more. When used with an Ethernet inputs, this iRevo SmartPC becomes a Wi-Fi router too, providing a strong and high performance wireless access for other PCs, Tablets and Smart Phones. It does all these while consuming less than 8 watts of power – it is green to the environment!.

The product supports PC monitors with HDMI interface directly and monitors with VGA interface is supported via HDMI to VGA adapter costing few hundred rupees. The iRevo SmartPC is designed and packaged for an exceptional out of the box user experience. It comes with accessories costing as much as Rs. 2,000/- in retail and includes wireless keyboard and mouse, HDMI Cable and high quality, long life Alkaline batteries. Everything you need to get online in less than 5 minutes from un-boxing to going online! Customer support is available domestically by e-mail, on website and by phone.

Features/Specification's of iRevo Smart PC :-
1.Web Browsing and Email :-News Stocks, Weather and a whole lot more

2.Education :-Want to learn how to play an instrument or start a hobby.

3.Social Media Sharing :-Connect with Friends on Facebook or Follow on Twitter.

4.On-LineVideo :-TV shows, music videos and user generated videos.

5.DLNA/HD Media Player :-Play movies and music on USB drive or from PC over LAN.

6.Apps and Games :-Access to Google Play Store for Android Apps and Games

Key Features:

  • Easy to use iRevo WebTop
  • Powered by iRevo Cloud interface
  • Android Apps from Google Playstore
  • No Pop-ups and No Viruses
  • Ultra Low Power Consumption
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse include
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How To Convert your TV into Smart PC with iRevo Smart PC ? How To Convert your TV into Smart PC with iRevo Smart PC ? Reviewed by Sunny Thakur on मंगलवार, जुलाई 21, 2015 Rating: 5
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