How to increase likes on Facebook Post/Picture ?

No one likes your posts or the likes are lesser on the post, Lafandar.org is going to tell you how to increase the likes on a facebook post. There are number of websites as mentioned in previous post who gives the option to like the facebook posts.But today i am going step by step telling you whats the best method.

1. Open your Facebook account and stay signed in.

2.Open new tab and navigate to http://www.kdliker.com.

3.Now click on step 1 and you will be navigated to Facebook.com and application HTC facebook app allow to use your information.

4.After this click on the step 2 and it will generate a token as show below and copy this token.

5. Paste the token in Box on the kdliker.com site as shown and click the submit button.

6. After this you will see a welcome message now scroll down and you will see some of the recent posts.

7. Select the number of likes to be sent and then click submit.

8. Wait for some time  on kdliker.com and now see your post likes will be increased as shown below.

Hope you will use this method and thanks for reading my blog.

Here the Video to demonstrate :-

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