Microsoft Lumia 540 detailed review

Just last year, the 'Nokia Lumia' smartphones were visible around us. After Microsoft-owned Nokia, "Nokia Lumia " has become "Microsoft Lumia". 6 months ago Microsoft launched its first smartphone without Nokia tag.Now Microsoft has unloaded its second smartphone Lumia 540 in the indian market. The price is set to near 10,199. The price of Lumia 540 is worth taking? Find out in this review.

Design: - Lumia series, appearing in almost all phones aare always different from the crowd. In term of design, it might be soft covered candybar design but colorful polycarbonate bodied Lumia phones are always a little aside.

Microsoft has given a glossy finish on the back panel of the Lumia 540 which gives a pleasant appearance. Button position is perfect in this 5 inch screen phone.The power and volume buttons are on one side this means you can operate this phone with one hand.In term of design Lumia 540 doesn't bring any new ideas but its up to level to the design rules.To carry out fault in the design of Lumia 540 will like "Splitting hair ".

Screen : - Lumia 540 has 5 inch 294 PPI density  IPS LCD screen which gives 720 x 1280 resolution. Although it is not Full HD but made with clear black technology the contrast and brightness levels of the screen are very good.Due to IPS LCD screen the viewing angle of Lumia 540 is very wide. Simultaneously outdoor visibility  earns good numbers in term of its screen.The negative point of the screen is that it is not covered by Corning Gorilla glass so to protect screen from scratches you have to work hard.

Performance : - For good performance smartphones running on Windows platform are never dependent on huge specification. Lumia 540 runs on Windows Phone 8.1 (second update ) which is quite light -weight operating system, it runs great on smartphones with minimum specifications.Lumia 540 runs  1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 quad-core processor . It has 1 GB of RAM for multitasking. It has also  Adreno 302 GPU for great 

graphics.Lumia 540 runs on Lumia denim OS which comes with some great features of Nokia. Also Cotana voice Assistant has arrived.However the cortana is still behind from google now, but still it is slowly becoming wiser and hopefully by the end of this month after the Windows 10 will improve it further.In terms of applications windows phone is growing slowly it can't be compared with android or iOS. Hopefully after the arrival of windows 10, the platform will also improve the app experience . However the Microsoft office suit can be experienced best on Windows phone only.Lumia 540 offers best performance in everyday functioning the phone doesnot slow down anywhere. Angrybirds, Candy crush , Temple run the famous and light gaming on the phone is underway. The trouble comes when you try running huge games at that time phone becomes little slow and start emanating clear graphics experience.Overall, Lumia 540 is a good phone for gaming on gaming performance far more than the drawbacks and deficiencies are corrected after the arrival of Windows 10 is expected to be 100%.

Camera : - Camera :-  Lumia 540's Camera is better than previous version of Lumia. Lumia 540 comes with 8 mega pixel auto focus camera with LED flash. For video calling and selfie it has 5 MP front facing camera.In terms of quality 540's camera is upto mark.It is might slow but there is great color and details in the picture clicked from primary camera.It didn't break my heart when i clicked pictures in low light, flash of the camera is also good.In addition to this camera app is preloaded with lots of features and options.

Battery, Storage & Connectivity :-

Lumia 540 has the 2200 mAh battery. Better battery than the previous version. Lumia 540 earns good marks in the battery case and probably the only thing for which the Windows Phone operating system, iOS and Android is drained. Lumia 540's battery is comfortable with all day, every time phone is on 3G data.

Storage : -Storage-wise, the Lumia 540 has 8 GB of internal storage, which can be expanded up to 128 GB with the help of micro SD card.

Connectivity :- for connectivity Lumia 540 has 3G and wifi with 4.0 Bluetooth . Lumia 540 hasn't 4G which is why it can't be called future ready.

Bottom Line :- Good camera, Good performance, good battery life  available on both online and offline platform this phone heavy falls on the smartphone in this range.

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Microsoft Lumia 540 detailed review Microsoft Lumia 540 detailed review Reviewed by Lafandars on सोमवार, जुलाई 06, 2015 Rating: 5
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