Become a DreamHost afflliate earn money with out adsense

Many of new blogger who applied for adsense and got rejected they don't need to worry about as adsense is not the only option you can use affiliate method to earn money from your . As  being a technology blog most of the readers come to lafandar.org they are familiar with adsense ads and when they like any artical they clicks on the ads as appreciation but selling something is better than waiting for someone to appreciate you.

Dreamhost is one of the top web hosting for WordPress and they offer an affiliate program which you can use to make almost 97$/sale. To become a member of Dreamhost affiliate program you don’t need to be a Dreamhost customer and any one can become an affiliate of Dreamhost.

How to Get started with Dreamhost Affiliate Program?

To get started with this, Sign up for their affiliate program. Once you are signed up with their aff. program, login to their panel and click on reward tab to grab your dreamhost affiliate link. Now promote that link via Blog Post or Send it via Email list you have created and tell people about this web-hosting.

How much Money you can make from Dreamhost affiliate?

Dreamhost pays by check and by PayPal.(for India, they make payment via cheque only). Once you become their premium publisher, you will be able to checkout your affiliate income every month. Also, you will be getting special Dreamhost promo code for people who are signing up for more than 2 years. They are certainly one of the best Webhosting affiliate program, as you can decide your own commission from $97/sale.

You can either offer a discount coupon worth $97, which I offer to Lafandar.org readers (LFDR97) but your commission will be 0 then, or you can give a discount of $50, and keep a commission of $47.

In the next post i am going to tell you how to promote your affiliate link but for now i am happy with Dreamhost affiliate as they pay in time and their affiliate control panel give enough stats. They make Payment via PayPal and Check. Once you become a premium affiliate (5+ sales), you will be able to checkout money at the end of every month. The best thing is, Dreamhost offers 3 tier affiliate. That means, if your sub affiliate make any sense, you will be getting extra $5/referral.

Become a DreamHost afflliate earn money with out adsense Become a DreamHost afflliate earn money with out adsense Reviewed by Lafandars on सोमवार, सितंबर 21, 2015 Rating: 5
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