How to get 1000+ instant likes on Facebook Page ?

We all know that social media drives lots of traffic to your blog or website, but for that, you should have a great fan following. In this era creating fans on social media is not as simple you think. People are aware of ads & spams. 

So how could you get 1000+ fans instantly on facebook?

Are there any secrets, Is this illegal ? these are the question arised when you read all this. Is there is a secret and this is legal and not any magic.

So How to do this ?

I am being bored of 2 likes per week on my facebook fan page so i searched a lot on the internet and found some interesting and spam sites but i am going to tell you about drliker.com this is place where you can increase your facebook or any social media fans.

So follow the simple steps below :-

1. Open drliker.com and get registered.

2. Now login with your credentials. You will got 200 points and 1$ for free.

3. Click on add site/page on the left sidebar.

4. After add do the setting like coins you give for each click as i am giving 12 coins for each click . You can earn more coins by liking others page.

Thats all to do, now sit relax and get chilled . On drliker.com you allow people to like your page for the coin you offered them this is as give and take.Using autoliker is not a good idea because most of the likes you got are from fake user account.

Are there any other methods comments below.
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