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When I Started Blogging 2 years back the worst problem I faced was the audience/blog readers. Even today I heard from most of the bloggers complaining about the audience stat, some of lafandar.org readers told me that nearly their blog posts reaches to 100 page views.

how- to- increase- pageviews

If you are in the same situation. This article would give pump to your traffic and will reach the 1000 pageviews mark. In fact, it takes lots of time for new blog to generate the same numbers, but still content and resource management is necessary. For getting good results I have created 5 basic steps which can be helpful to boost your website/blog traffic.

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1. First Step : Write Eye-popping articles. (1 Hour required Daily)

If you are a part time blogger, I suggest just one hour is enough for researching and writing eye-popping article (Also called linkbaite, or pillar articles). For this you have to set up a time period as 2 articles per week or single article per week. In the simple words eye-popping articles are 1500 to 2000 long word articles tiled as "100 best ways to make money online" or "Top 50 professional bloggers worldwide "
These articles are special for the potential visitor as they should have the following reaction " OMG! This is really cool! . I better bookmark this or share on Facebook or  tweet to my friends."

2. Second Step : Networking/Connecting with readers (30 minutes Daily)

Networking is essentially important when you just started blogging. By means networking I am not saying men to men connectivity or physical interaction with readers/webmasters. You need to:-

(i)Interacting with other bloggers via Twitter, E-mail or IM.
(ii) Linking to the post of bloggers to your niche.
(iii)Commenting or sharing on the blogs to your niche.

The basic concept of networking is to build genuine relationships, don't approach people just because they can promote your blog approach them because you like and respect their work.

3. Third Step : Promotion (45 minutes required daily)

Promotion basically deals with the reach of articles to as many as possible users in any way.When you publish an eye-popping article try to push it in any way you can . Example includes :-

(i) Letting the people know about it
(ii)letting bloggers and webmasters in relevant niches know about it.
(iii)posting about the article in online forums and/or newsgroups.

If there is time left, spend it with search engine optimization, social media marketing and activities to promote your blog as whole. Those can range from keyword research to promoting your blog on Facebook and guest blogging.

4.Fourth Step: Normal Posts (30 minutes per day)

Just like a man does not live by bread alone, a blog does not live by killer articles alone. Normal posts are the ones that you will publish routinely in your blog, between the killer articles. For example, you could publish a killer article every Monday and normal posts from Tuesday through Friday. Here are some ideas for normal posts:

(i)a post linking to an article on another blog and containing your opinion about it
(ii)a post informing your readers about a news in your niche
(iii)a post asking a question to your readers and aiming to initiate a discussion
(iv)a post highlighting a new resource or trick that you discovered and that would be useful to your readers.

While killers articles are essential to promote your blog and bring new readers aboard, normal posts are the ones that will create diversity in your content and keep your readers engaged.
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