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In this tutorial I am going to tell you how to increase pageviews by doing correct Search Engine Optimization. Readers who are are looking to increase website traffic and revenue take it seriously as beginners it should be your goal to increase pageviews and reach the 1000 pageviews mark daily in first three month.


For webmaster point of view page-views are much more important than visits and unique visitors.For example consider the comparison of following websites :-

Website A :" Techmania"                    Website B :" Lafandars"
Unique Visitors : 25,000                   Unique Visitors : 15,000
Page-views : 27,348                          Page-views : 61,110

What this Example Shows ?

You might start thinking that "website A" has a powerful apperance as  having more unique visitors and it is highly optimized  site but for me "website B " has more powerful apperance and presence due to following reason :-

Website A has 25000 unique vistors and 27,348 pageviews this means 1.0 pageviews per visitor . This means when a vistor visits website A they stay on the same page where he was navigated by Search Engine. While Website B has 15000 unique visitors and 61110 page views 4.09 pageview per visitor .So for me Website B is a far superior site. I say this because of the higher page views and the average page view per visit.

Website A may indicate that it’s targeting the wrong type of visitors or maybe serving inappropriate content. This could be a sign that the SEO practice of this website fails to deliver overall “success” despite having an increase in visits.

Financially, its actually higher page views that translates to better website income (whether in terms of Adsense, sales, CPM, etc) than higher unique visitors. It’s troubling how many SEO companies are so focused on increasing unique visitors and using this as a success goal when in fact a more accurate figure of “success” is higher page views.

Time will come that if Website A is continually adding more valuable content, it will surpass Website B in terms of unique visitors and substantially their difference is beyond comparison.

So what makes a site like Website B a success in SEO?

1. A Descriptive headline or Title :- Title is most important phenomenon in SEO as title is first fetched by search engines. Even the user draw their attention to content if the title is great sound producing.Here is list of some great title headline :-

(i) "25 hidden tricks of Facebook that will blow your mind ."
(ii) " How to earn $1000 from ad-sense in day"
(iii) " What makes me a SEO Expert"
(iv) " 101 mistakes bloggers should avoid"
(v) " Google's new tablet hit the market"
These kind of title attracts the visitors more.

2. Show related posts link :- How links to your related content in the content that the visitor is viewing/reading.

This is the most important factor to increasing page views. Without this related content, the user might opt to use the search query in your website, or they will leave the site.

3. Add Search Box :-Add a search box across your entire website, particularly those pages with content. The search result should also be of quality and relevant to the query.

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Yet, a lot of websites does not have a search box. As a result, the visitor will leave the site if he/she did not find anything further relevant. 

4. Use post interlinking :- Another big factor in increasing page views is to add internal links to your content using related anchor text. These internal links should be pointing to other relevant pages in your website.

A good example to this is Wikipedia.org. If you happen to read any Wikipedia article, you might be surprised that you probably spend hours in Wikipedia. The primary reason is that as you are reading the content, you clicked one of its internal links pointing to another related pages. And when you land on that page, you read and click again another internal link. 

As a result, the amount of time you spent reading is very high so as the number pages you have viewed or read.

Have you tried any other methods.Please share with us in comment section below.
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