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Yes here is the solution for how you can increase the number of pageviews  and how you can decrease the number of bounce rates in your WordPress site. Pageviews simply by the name itself is explanatory that the number of pages viewed by visitors on your site. It’s  really an important issue while you are a concerned blogger who cares about the number of views on your page, and also it’s not so easy to attract large number of visitors on your blog page. So it is really a critical and interesting task to write a quality content that itself is useful enough to attract your large number of audience.

Once your content is good then it is 90% possible to attract your visitors. Now the issue comes what is bounce rates? Bounce rates means the percentage of visitors who entered your site but bounced i.e. Left your site rather than continue viewing other pages of your site. I would also like to add here that the reducing bounce rate is important for search engine optimization. Google & Bing tracks user engagement metrics on keyword searches, so if your bounce rate is steadily high, you are more likely to get ranked lower over time. Finally now if you are interested to know the tips that will help you to increase your pageviews and on the other hand decrease your bounce rates then keep on reading further !
Important Tips :

1. Always show the related posts at the end of your blog that will help your visitors to get the related posts without any extra efforts and your page will become user friendly and of course one of the user’s favorites.

2. Always interlink your posts that will lead to increase the number of page views, it’s also SEO effective, and your users can easily understand the topic with the help of the main post and interlinked posts.

3. Split up longer posts into two or more posts, because a too long post becomes a bad experience for the readers may be due to lack of flow of topic, many topics covered in a single posts that creates confusion etc.

4. Attractive Sidebar, yes the sidebars of your site also plays a vital role in this issue. So I suggest that your sidebar must contain popular and recent posts that will help you to attract and make aware your visitors about your new and popular posts.

5. Never use popups again and again, it will irritate your readers and disturb them from focusing on your content.

6. Additionally always use a reliable hosting provider that helps you to serve the best to your visitors, by improving the load time of your site. One more point that is to be remembered is “Write for your visitors/readers not for search engines.”

6. Use excerpts instead of full posts  and try to use smaller images in your posts. Here one more point matters that are Plugins, use of plugins is good to enhance your site but when it exceeds it may increase the load time of your site. Thus I suggest to use limited and useful plugins and eliminate deactivated and non updated plugins.

7. Use widgets, footers etc. And additionally social media links that will help you to increase page views and increase the number of audience.

8. Always let the external links to be opened in a new window, this approach will never distract your reader’s attention and focus from your content.

So here I bind up my tips, however I would love to know if you have some more tips, your feedback and result after applying these techniques  via comments. Your suggestions, queries and comments are always welcome !!!
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