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In my past articles I have discussed various and reviewed best ad networks to earn money from blog. In this article we are sharing the pros and cons of Gravity.com a AOL Platform. Gravity.com, Inc, a division of AOL Platforms, aims to personalize the Internet. Through its personalization engine, Gravity seeks to capture and analyze people’s interests so that partners can create more relevant experiences for their users. Their goal is to build a smarter Internet that helps people sift through the overwhelming amount of information on the Web, while delivering a serendipitous experience that exposes them to the breadth and depth of the Internet.

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ProsAds According to Interest

Gravity calculate what’s interesting on the web in real-time. As new content is published across the web Gravity crawls and semantically analyzes each web page and tracks various performance metrics. Every page Gravity crawl results in an Interest Graph for that page. How Gravity choose to view the collection of Interest Graphs for a user and for all available content and how then they blend that with associated performance metrics is what enables them to provide consistently high quality and relevant content recommendations. Ultimately their Interest Graph technology allows us to deliver personalized recommendations to each user based on the topics they engage with most and what’s exciting right now.

Natural Language Processing

Gravity Crawl and indexes the internet about what people are writing.Doing this requires Crawlers that know how to think like humans by reading sentences and picking them apart for their grammar: nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc. Your high school English teacher would be proud of this system.

 Gravity also understand things like colloquialisms: red as a lobster usually means sunburn even though those words usually map to seafood and colors.

Powered Algorithm

Some examples are: personalization, behavioral patterns (such as collaborative filtering), contextual relevancy, popularity (by page views, uniques, social counts such as Facebook Likes, Twitter tweets/retweets). All of these can be A/B tested to determine which algorithm performs best for your particular set of content.


Gravity is not suitable for small business owners or startup bloggers. Gravity Ads requires minimum 1000000 Pageviews per month to get approved for publisher account. This is not achievable by new bloggers who are trying to make money in the beginning.

Payment Method

Gravity Pays via cheque or wire transfer still no paypal I think Gravity would be great if they introduce Paypal to payment methods.

Gravity At Single Look

Company Name :- Gravity
Payment Method :-1. Cheque
                               2. Wire Transfer
Country :- United States
Commission Type :- CPC, CPM
Minimum Payment :- $100
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