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Have you earned serious money from what you love to do ?

No, 99 % of bloggers will say no to this question. Making money on the web is so difficult these days.All the methods bloggers used few years back are just passed away, bloggers looking for news ways to earn money. Here is list  of Monetization program's that I had discussed in past.Every blogger works hard for a reward but most of don't get it.

Can you stop blogging if you don't get reward , do you ?

Ah, passionate bloggers can't stop blogging. They earn decent income while blogging. I had discussed various ways in past but today we are talking why you are not making any money while reading this article. The answer is you are looking for the mistakes that you had done with your blog.

1. Design, Theme - Not effective 

Experts claims that content is King maker, but that's not necessarily true.It is mind who controls the things if we love how the food is served we precept it will be good.Think about this way.Have you ever visited a site poorly designed do you even bother read the content. If you don't serve the content well it doesn't matter what kind of content you have. No one likes to eat in dirty plate.

Thank to Google and Bing as they have many resources how to fix design errors. Mostly the the font errors, Text to HTML ratio, flashing letters,primary colors  and image sizes. It is really simple .

2. Your site navigation is poor

Yes every body needs to navigate through.If not we cant see sign boards on the road, it will be difficult to reach the destiny. If i stuck some where on a page and cant find the navigation menu I will love to move back.

Also make sure that your blog has clear and clickable "Home" button on every page.Bloggers should avoid poor navigation.

3. Payment method 

Most of the bloggers receives payment via Paypal and getting Paypal is as simple.But when you are doing or selling any product on your blog make it simple to get paid as Credit/Debit card Payment  should be included because if you are  only going to receives payment through Paypal you are not getting any payment from India. Ease to pay leads to sale . It is the first lesson you should learn while selling something on web.

4.Make yourself visible

When people buy something they want to know the source . Big brands have advantage here . They are instantly recognized and so people trust them more naturally.So smile for camera and prepare to divulge a lot about yourself.The more people get to know you the more likely they will trust you with their money.Avoid your self getting hide.

5.You can't show ads everywhere

If your blog is monetized with CPM ad-network and you are getting huge amount of unique visitors displaying 5 or more ads on a single page may generate extra revenue for sometime as people will understand this is all about money making.

Ad placement is a strategical move always choose right place to place ads.Blogger should avoid to place more than 2 ads on a single page.

If you have questions please do comments.
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