View On-page Adsense Stats with Google Publisher Toolbar

Google publisher toolbar is a chrome extension developed by Google that provides you to view on page stats of your adsense account without opening the adsense app.Google Publisher toolbar has on popup features likes life time revenue, amount earning stats, URL channels, Google Analytic data. 

Google publisher toolbar is very useful while you don't want to open adsense app to open it has some more powerful features like ad overlays which protects you from clicking at your own ads.

How to Install Google Publisher Toolbar :-

1. Login to your Google Account 

2. Browse to Google publisher toolbar page.

3. Now click on add to chrome button.

4. A popup will appear allow this to access your adsense account.

5. After toolbar is installed a icon will appear on top right side of the chrome.

6. Click on the icon and Enable Adsense account.

Features of Google Publisher Toolbar :-

1 On page Ad Blocking :- 

Sometimes we don't like some ads on our site/blog or they don't match our niche and we need to remove/block those ads from the blog. Usually we log in to adsense account and had to paste the URL of the advertiser we need to block this process is really time consuming.By enabling ad overlays from publisher toolbar when you click on ad a popup will appear as shown in picture below which allow you to block a specific ad or all the ads from the same advertiser.

google publisher toolbar

2.On page Adsense reporting :-

 This is the biggest feature among all the feature of the Google publisher toolbar. It shows the stats like earning today, life time revenue, channel wise earning or URL wise earning. 

3. Ad overlays :- 

Ad overlays feature allow you view stats of the specific ads when you click on the ad like advertiser URL, landing page, revenue generated from the Ad , Ad RPM.

Final words :- 

Google Publisher tool bar is as quick as google it updates the stats in real time you don't need to refresh the page after a certain interval. Google publisher toolbar is really handy for bloggers/web owners as it is time saving.

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