How to create right Meta Description ?

Yes every one of us heard the word meta description and little of us actually take the time to write a proper meta description for an article/post.What should come in the meta description, what's right and wrong about meta description? 

In this article we are trying to explain right approach regarding the right meta description. 

So first clear your introduction toward meta description, the main reason behind meta description is to increase CTR from Google and other search engines.In SEO meta description has great value in reducing the bounce rate of a website.

Make Meta Description Descriptive: - 

Well, this is not clear how long should a meta description. But try to keep it short and informative.Most of the webmasters believe that meta description should be 120-150 characters long but that's not right I have seen 200 character long description in search results.Google search is Google's courtesy and it's up on Google how long description they will show in search results. 

Sometimes when a post date is shown in description character count decreased to 10-15 characters.So keep your meta description short.

Create Meta Description matching to Content:- 

Don't create fraud description because Google may penalize you for doing so. Also, it will increase the bounce rate of the website.

Include Call to action button:-

 “Hello, we have this and this new product and you want it. Find out more!” This overlaps the active voice, but I wanted to emphasize it. It’s your sales text, where your product is the page that is linked, not the product on that page. Invitations like Learn more, Get it now, Try for free come to mind.

Make it unique: -

If your meta description is duplicate, user experience in Google will be less. Although page titles might vary, all pages seem the same as all descriptions are the same. If you intentionally want / need / are enticed to create a duplicate meta description, you’d better leave the meta description empty and have Google pick a snippet from the page containing the keyword used in the search.

Final Words: - 

As for webmasters, concern meta description has a very little impact in search results. But it is one of the thousand factors in search results. You should gave time to create right meta description of the content.
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