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Web Browser is still the most popular and convenient way to manage any WordPress website or blog but the company Automattic behind this huge successful content management system wants to built a more secure and dedicated App for this purpose.The WordPress App for Windows was announced in late November but now it is available to download.

The reason behind the idea was to create an environment where the user can focused on the content.The WordPress App for OS X was launched just after the announcement of the dedicated app but the company Automattic tied up with Microsoft to built great environment for windows user and WordPress App has been launched with Microsoft Webmatrix .

Features of  Windows Wordpress APP ;-

1. My Sites Dashboard :- 

The biggest feature among the all the features of the app is my sites dashboard which enable you to manage all wordpress.com and self hosted websites from single dashboard this idea is too cool for now but for later you will have to install the jetpackplugin installed to connect with CMS.

2. Built in Editor :-

For creating, editing a post thee is built in editor wit in the app enriched with most of the expression , Smileys and font Set.

3.Insights and Stats :- 

When you publish a post what you want to know are the stats and the performance of post. This feature of the wordpress app provides you to view the notification like new comments , new follows, postviews on your dashboard.

What I don't like :-

While the Wordpress app gives us access to all the major feature of WordPress but unlike the Wordpress app for Mac the things are organised or placed in slightly different manner which takes time to know what to do and from where to do as compared when using with web-browser.

Performance of the app is quite great but it can't be compared with chrome or other web browser.I found the app little slow while uploading stuff.

Where to download :- 

The application is available to download from Microsoft Application gallery with Microsoft Webmatrix included.You can use this link to download Wordpress App for windows.

What is Microsft Webmatrix ?

Microsoft webmatrix make it easy for anyone to create a Wordpress site. Wordpress App availbale form Microsoft Application gallery is fully tested to run on webmatrix.Microsoft WebMatrix is a free, cloud-connected web development application for Windows. WebMatrix enables developers to build websites using built-in templates or popular open-source applications, with full support for ASP.NET, PHP, Node.js and HTML 5. Microsoft developed WebMatrix for the purpose of providing web developers with coding, customization, and publishing capabilities all in one place.

Final Words :

I found Wordpress for Windows PC is quite comfortable to use with all the features of WordPress included but it will be time consuming for you to find the additional features of Wordpress
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