Google Contributor - A New Way to Monetize your content

Do you want to make your site free from Adsense Scripts? If yes then Google Contributor is your answer. So Whats is Google Contributor is a new source of revenue for your sites, funded directly by your site visitors. 

google contributor

With Contributor, users pick a monthly contribution level (either $2, $5, or $10) and those funds are used to pay for your site—instead of ads. The result is that users see fewer ads and you still get paid.

How Google Contributor Works:-

when Contributor users visit a site in Google’s network, their monthly contribution is used to bid on their behalf in the ad auction, so they end up buying the ad slot rather than a traditional advertiser. The more they contribute, the fewer ads they see, and you still get paid.

google contributor

Setting Up Google Contributor Badge on your site: -

Add a badge to your site template. The Contributor Badge tells visitors to your site that they can help fund your content through alternative means. There are three available color themes: “light,” “dark,” and "white." The badge will adjust to fill the space you designate. (Want more options? Let us know.)

Sample badge:

google contributor

This is a sample Contributor badge

How to display the badge

Add the following script to your page:

<script data-height="31" data-pub-id="ca-pub-00000000000" data-pub-name="Your Site Name" data-theme="light" data-width="88" src="https://www.gstatic.com/xads/publisher_badge/contributor_badge.js"></script>

Which Sites should use Google Contributor?

The contributor is best for sites with a significant user base in the US. But support for most of the international users is coming soon. We will update this post when Google Contributor will be available in India.

How to Check Google Contributor Earnings?

To see how much you're earning from Contributor, you'll need to run the appropriate report for your ads product.

If you use AdSense: 

Metrics for Contributor are reported under the Google Certified Ad Network called Contributor.

If you use Ad Exchange:

 The quickest way is to run a system query for buyer network called Contributor.

If you use DFP:

  1. Create a query tool report with the following selections:
  2. Report type: "Business intelligence"
  3. Report dimensions: "Buyer"
  4. Selected metrics for Contributor are displayed with the buyer name 'Contributor'.

Final Words:-

Right now, to sign up for Contributor users must have a U.S. billing address. Regardless of what country the publisher (or user) is based in, Contributor will work on a site—as long as the user's billing address is in the U.S. Google is expanding eligibility to work with billing addresses in other countries.
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