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What is RPM and how to increase Google adsense RPM  ?

increase Google adsense RPM

Entrance to adsense means the gate open to money but grabbing all that is not too easy as easy you got approved by adsense. Adsense earning depends on RPM (Revenue per mile , or revenue per thousand , Revenue generated per thousand impression). Higher RPM increases your earning while lower RPM decreases the earning.Lets understand the simple calculation done below how earning depends on RPM

Simple Calculation:

If your RPM is $5, just assumption  and you have 1,00,000 visitors in month. Your revenue would be 5 * 100 = $500

So How to increase Google Adsense RPM ?

Try to keep your CTR higher:  Higher CTR (Click Through Rate) will obviously improve your RPM. But higher CTR can not be obtained easily if your ads placement goes to out of track. So, it is important to all webmasters to place the ads on right place.
Place your ad above page fold: To get the higher CTR, place your ad above the fold. So that user could easily see the ads. It is higher chance to get the click.

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Use recommended ad unit: 

Google Adsense recommend you to use those ads unit which can get more CTR. Recommended ads units are: 300 x 250, 160 x 600, 336 x 280, 728 x 90. 

You can go to the Adsense Help Page to see what the above ads look like.

Use ads according to your niche:

 Ads should reflect your niche. It means if you have fashion site and ads are displaying for game, visitor will never think to click. You can block some ads categories that are not matching with your target visitors.

Opt-In To Both Text And Image Ads: 

Text ads show only textual ad and image ads show graphical ad. It is recommended to choose both.

 It means when you create your ads unit you should keep it mind that ad should be visible in both design.

Blend your ad color with your theme: 

Set your ads color with your theme. Don’t use default color scheme. Border co lour and Background color should be same of your webpage background color.
increase Google adsense RPM

 link color and visited link color should be same and matching with your webpage link color.
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