How to get on top in Google Search Results ?

How do popular sites get traffic .As a web-owner the question hits several times in my mind.Do you know 70% of traffic to popular sites comes from search engines. Are you on top in search engine results if your answer is no then you are reading right article. Today we are going to tell how to improve search engine results of your blog. 

Google Search Results

Well most of the new bloggers asks the same question and the answer is there is no secret to improve search engine rankings it is just good  content and right SEO practice that improves the ranking in search engine results.

Some practices you can do to get on top in Search engine Results :-

1.Write New, Write Original, Write Often :- 

Google Search Results

Well though content is still king maker in search results. Google always tries to find best answers for search queries.If you write best & original material then you are in the game.

2.Make your Website/Blog Responsive :- 

Google Search Results

In the age of smartphones and tablets most of the users do searches on google mobile and Google will favor those websites that matches best with user experience on their platforms. So make your website mobile friendly.If you are using Wordpress, Blogger you can use Responsive web templates.

3.Short and Informative titles :-

 Clear and short Titles with accurate Meta tags helps search engines to understand the purpose of a page . Try to keep you Title below than 70 characters because Search Engines oftenly parses titles having 70 characters long in search engine results.

4. Use Google Data Highlighter Tool :- 

Use Google Data Highlighter tool to enable additional search result features such as reviews, ratings and price of products. This makes your site more valuable to readers.

5. Don't go against Google's Guidelines :- 

Well Google is the No. 1 search engine in most of the countries excepting china.So don't use black-hat SEO techniques. Follow Google webmaster guidelines and avoid pitfalls that could affect your search engine ratings.

Final Words :- 

Well there is no secreting in getting top of search engine results. Write oftenly and write original this means a lot to search engines. Duplicate data on your blog may leads to fall-down of your blog in search engine results. Built quality backlinks , participate in communities matching your niche. Don't use paid backlinks. That's all for improving your ranking in search engine results.

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