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Once I thought of selling Lafandar.org  as I was writing for other blogs.There I came to know the concept of website flipping. I had already written on buying and selling of website for profit.But when putting my blog on Flippa I don't know at what price should I sell my blog. At present there are several websites which can find the estimated value of your website but we are talking about siteprice.org.

What is Siteprice :-

Siteprice is a trademark of 3atrendtech  UK based software and SEO specilized company. The interface is quite good but bothers the user with adsense ads everywhere. The price calculated by siteprice are just estimated based on the factors listed below. Siteprice uses some complex algorithms to find the worth of a website.

How it Works :-

Siteprice relies of the three major factors as listed below :-

1.Estimated views :- 

estimated daily unique view(which is maybe the most important factor). Estimated daily unique visitors count is trying to be estimated with several sources like Alexa, Compete, Google Ad Planner etc... It is not %100 correct but with our tests it is very proximate for most of the websites. Unique user count is a common way of measuring the popularity of a website and is often used by potential advertisers or investors.

2.Advertisement Income :-

Daily Advertisement Revenue calculation is based on Adsense income. Today most of the webmasters use Google Adsense. Our estimation is trying to emulate for a better adsense usage if this website uses 3 adsense ads on all pages. It is not easy to calculate for different keywords because adsense can show an ad not related only the page content, adsense can choose a specific ad for visitor.

3.Domain Age :-

Domain age is an important SEO factor for search engines rankings because search engines use it for calculation trust and authority. Another thing is that spammers register and drop domains quickly, so spamming sites usually have newly registered domain names. But indexing of the site is more important from domain age.

Final Words :- 

The price calculated by siteprice is just an estimate but it really show some good figures to sell the website. You can follow up this link to calculate the worth of your site if you are trying to sell.
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