How to Reissue Adsense Cheques - In Case you got a Damaged Cheque

Well, I have received two Adsense cheques but not found anything wrong with them but one of my fellow got Adsense cheque with the first line of address was printed with his name and the bank rejected the same. There are some other broad issues as below  with Adsense cheques:-
  1. The wrong payee Name
  2. Delivered after expiration.
  3. Damaged Cheque
  4. Exchange Rate Issues.

You can request to reissue new cheque to correct one of the theses common problems.
To request a reissue of your check, follow these steps:
reissue adsense cheques

1.Wait 60 days
We anticipate that publishers will receive their checks approximately 2-4 weeks after the mailing date. However, it may take longer depending on the postal service in your location. If you need to request a reissue of your check, please wait 60 days from the date of issue. 

Request a check reissue
You can request a check reissue directly from your AdSense account:
  1. Sign into your AdSense account.
  2. Click the gear icon  and select Payments.
  3. On your "Payment history" page, find the issue date and current status of your check. If your check still hasn’t been cashed after 60 days, you’ll see a "Reissue payment" link next to the check’s status.
  4. Click Reissue payment and confirm that you want to reissue the payment.
  5. The Reissue payment link

A new line item appears showing that the check has been stopped and that your reissue is in progress.
2. Cheque arrived but can deposit to bank
There are two main reasons why you might not be able to deposit your check:

  1. The check has expired. Depending on your country, AdSense checks are valid for 6-12 months from their date of issue. If you do not deposit your check within this timeframe, your earnings will be credited back to your account and your payments will be put on hold. 
  2. The check is incorrect. In this case, you might need to amend the payee information in your AdSense account.

To request a reissue of your check, do the above mentioned 5 steps.

Other Issues with Adsense Cheques

If the "Reissue payment" link doesn’t appear in your account after 60 days, this means that your check has been deposited. For this reason, Adsense was unable to continue processing your request for a reissue. Please review your bank records for this payment or contact your bank directly to investigate the issue.

Why my Bank is Not Accepting My Adsense Cheque?
Because policies vary between banks, we're not able to determine if a specific bank is able to accept your AdSense checks. All payment checks are issued by Citibank. If you receive checks in U.S. dollars, please inquire at your bank regarding whether they have a correspondent relationship with Citibank. This relationship is required to process our U.S. dollar checks. Please note that Google AdSense checks are for deposit only, and can't be cashed.
Additionally, please be aware that different banks often take different amounts of time to clear checks. We suggest contacting your bank directly for more information.
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