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Well as you keep on blogging your blog undergo some changes and this happens to other websites and blogs. Sometimes we refer readers to other  blogs and websites but the URL of some sites have been changed in real time so readers see "404 Page" instead of where you want to send them, this actually drop down the trust on your blog and it is also bad for SEO rankings.

This happens with your blog also as sometimes we drafted an old post and published today then we see the URL post changed like this

Old Post :  www.mysite.com/2015/7/how-to-set-custom-redirects.com
New Post : www.mysite.com/2016/2/how-to-set-custom-redirects.com

As Google have cached your older page first so whenever a user searches for the content matching your page he will be landed on the older post, which has been changed so he will see a "404 page ". In blogger, there is an option to redirect from older page to new page.

Today in this post we will learn how to redirect any reader from old URL to new URL but before that we need to learn about redirects, you should know there are 2 types of redirects:-

302 redirects (Temporary Redirect)  This redirect doesn't pass the URL value to the new location and instead, it will take the visitors to an appropriate location so that you aren't showing them a 404 page not found, or an error page. You can use a 302 redirect for coming soon pages or maintenance pages.

302 redirects ( Permanently redirects) In most instances, the 301 redirects are always recommended for SEO because they will pass link juice (ranking power) to the redirected page and visitors will also benefit from this. However, 301s aren't suitable when you change your custom domain because it only supports redirection within the same blog, not to an external URL.

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Finding broken links to the blog is a very complex process for this you can use some online tools for checking brokenlinks..

set custom redirects on Blogger Posts

How to redirect Old URL to New URL in Blogger

Now we have understood about redirects so let's begin:-

Step1: Login to your Blogger dashboard.

Step2: Select your blog Navigate as Settings > Search Preferences.

Step3: Find "Custom redirects " under "Error and Redirections". Click on Edit.
set custom redirects on Blogger Posts

Step4: Enter the old URL in the "From" field, and the new URL in the "To" field including the forward slash "/" (see the screenshot below). You don't need to add the full URL just remove the address of your blog.
set custom redirects on Blogger Posts

Step5: Click on Save > Save Changes. That's all

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