8 Tips to improve your Google page ranking -SEO

Getting your website on Search Engine's first pages denotes how good your pages are doing.Google uses page rank to show how well the pages are, so google page rank is the combination of the quality of content, SEO of a page, No. of times post viewed by users.

Improving all these will lead to an increase in page rank.Here are some tips increase your page rank:-

1. Produce quality content

Content is the most important factor in page ranking . If your content is original and useful it will draw more vistors then a page with poor content. Creating original content involves searching, researching, thinking, consulting and writing.

2. Be well timed

Well, a website that doesn't get the update will drop in rankings. If you are running a blog write at least once in a week.

3. Site Description & Keywords

If readers leaves your site quickly after dropped by search engine you will be penalized for this so make sure your site description and keyword matches your site content.

4. Page Optimization

Your content should be optimized for both keywords and conversational searches. The best way to do this is to make your article titles as close to the popular search query for that topic as possible. Make sure that your content answers the questions of the readers, or provides unique insight.

5. Keep distance from keyword overloading

Make sure that your site’s meta description is accurate. This is displayed to users when your site shows up on searches. An accurate description will lead to more clicks top your site, and fewer bounces upon landing on your site.If your meta description is wrong Google will recognise this and drop down your page rankings.

6. Use backlinks

When search engines see that visitors are coming to your site from other sites, your page rank will increase. The more reputable the site the viewer originated from, the more impact this will have on your rank. You can add backlinks by commenting on other blogs and adding a link to your site when you sign off, or you can provide content for other websites and then link back to your site via your credit.

7. Sitemaps

A sitemap is a text file that lays out the pages of your site. It makes it easier for the Google bots to find all of the links and content on your website, as well as determine their importance. There are a variety of websites that will generate a sitemap for you, or you can create one yourself.

8. Make your site multiligual

If you can afford to hire translators or have a community willing to do the translation work, you can significantly increase your audience by making your pages available in other languages. This increase in traffic will help to increase your page rank.

Final Words

Use these 8 tips to increase your page ranking. These tips are basic to page ranking but if you follow them your page ranking will definitely increase.
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