Whatsapp Tips & Tricks 2016

Many things have changed with the advent of smartphones. People call each other and used to the message, the text chat app now the Advance Messenger and voice chat. Even these applications have the facility to call now. Whatsapp is the  app for the smartphone users, which keeps them busy day and night.Whatsapp is the popular app which is most used these days. 

Most users who use smartphones uses Whatsapp. So there are many things that are associated with Whatsapp users do not know. Lafandar's blog is going to tell you about what may be preferable.

1. Security

Whatsapp Locker

If you're wondering App Locker App will help you lock your Whatsapp chats,  then you are wrong here. App Locker to lock your Whatsapp chat can be read after. To secure your Whatsapp you have to download third party app "Backup Text for Whats"

This app will show you the options.

* Filter by chat

* Filter by date
* Filter by message type
* File type
* Export

If you want to save your chat history Tap the Export to. There you can save your chat history on the SD card or on your mail can export it.

To save the message on SD card tap on 'Export to SD Card'. After this is Tap OK. Your chat history will be saved into SD card. You can read it whenever you like.

2. Upload DP (Display picture ) without cropping

Pictures taken by the camera are in either landscape format or form Portrait. However, the DP on the WhatsApp can be made by the square image. So many times you do not make full picture DP. The DP crop your picture to make the picture look at the times goes.

Square Me app preview

For this you can take the help of third-party applications from Google Play Store like SqrMe - Square Photo Editor App . This app lets you to make picture square with out cropping. Then make your best photos your Whatsapp DP.

3. Send your Whatsapp notification to the Desktop

If you mostly use Whatsapp on  desktop and do not see Whatsapp's  necessarily messages. Desktop notification  is app for it on Google Play store that  enables you to view the notification or messages on desktop.  

Whatsapp for PC

Download  & Installthis app  to your smartphone, then connect it to your desktop browser extension needed. Chrome browser extension for Mozilla Firefox is Available.Then look at the desktop notification given in App Connect Desktop notification requiring code. After you connect the device using code, you create a test notification . Then your Whatsapp notification of messages will appear on your desktop screen.
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