How to Enable Youtube Fan Funding

Are you a youtube channel owner if yes then this post is for you, if not then you can learn how you can enable fan funding in youtube channel to receive funds from your channel fans.In fact, fan funding will be a great option for the rising talents in countries like India if monetization doesn't work for  your fans can provide you funds for uploading videos on youtube. Fan funding allows views to support the channels they love using Google payments.

How to Enable Fan funding on Youtube?

1.Login to your youtube account
2. Go to your channel's creator studio.
3. In right sidebar find community Under this find  > Fan Funding.

4. Fill out the details asked by youtube such as name and subscription numbers in right figures then click on save.
5. After this on the next page, you can also provide additional information for your fans such as your future goals.
6. You can use Fan Funding Analytics to view the funds report.

Limitations of Youtube Fan Funding:- 

1. You can't receive less than the US $1 and more than US $500 per day from per user.
2. You can't receive funds for a political cause such as election meeting or Rally.
3. You should avoid receiving misleading or delusive payments from your fans.

What you can do:-

You can ask your fans to support by saying something like " Hey if you love my channel I would Love your Support!  I Will use the funds for my upcoming video project".But you should avoid saying like "Can you fund my upcoming video project ?"

Service Fees by Youtube:-

Yes, youtube takes the transaction charges for receiving the funds for you. Although this is the very small amount and you get most of the amount. For Example: - If you receive $10 Funds in the United States, Youtube fee will be $ 0.71 for that and you will get $ 9.29. That is great.

How Service Fee is Calculated:-

Service Fee depends on the country you live but the basic method is as:-

Funds Received x 5% + Approximate fee by Country (For US it is $.21)

So if you receive $475  you will get:-

$475 x 5% +$0.21= $ 23.96 ( Youtube Transaction Fees) 

You Get: - Funds Received - You Youtube Transaction Fees
$475- 23.96 =$451.04

Approximate Fees According to Country:-

Approximate fee per Transaction

AUD $0.23 + 5%

France, Spain
EUR €0.15 + 5%

JPY ¥22 + 5%

MXN $2.70 + 5%

United Kingdom
GBP £0.12 + 5%

Conclusion :-

If you have a great fan base and you are quite a popular Channel on youtube. Fan Funding will a great option to carry out your future projects.

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