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Most of us know the basic Principle of every business is more products you show, more products you sell. Like in Adsense more ads you show more revenue you generate, But the Adsense revenue is truely depends on the ad viewablity.

Viewability is a measure of whether or not an ad had a chance to be seen by a user. It gives marketers the base knowledge that their message was seen by providing metrics around the actual number of times an ad appeared in front of a user. Generally above the fold ads have great viewablity but the great content and ads within attracts the viewer attention and increases the viewablity of the ad.

Why Viewablity Matters most in Digital Advertising ?

In digital advertising, viewability is the first impression-by-impression measurement of advertising. It gives marketers a clear understanding of campaign and messaging effectiveness and allows advertising spend to be allocated to the most valuable media.

In December 2014, using Google’s Active View technology, they published a set of display viewability benchmarks, where they found that 56% of all display ads had no chance of ever being seen. With a number like that, nothing else we do as advertisers matters. As with the age where phones are becoming Smart and human are truely depends on mobile so in this post we are going to see how publisher can optimized ads on mobile to genrate good revenue.

How do I create more viewable impressions on mobile?

While numbers vary, a viewability index of around 50% is fairly typical. In general, the higher the index, the more people are seeing your ads ― although few sites reach 100%. On smaller mobile screens, publishers should consider which ad sizes earn them the most in different placements on their pages.

Here are 4 best ways you can optimize your site to increase viewability :-

1. Replace 320x50 ad units with 320x100 :- Revenue per thousand impressions (RPM) tend to increase when you move to the large mobile banner ad. By using the 320x100 ad unit, you allow the 320x50 ad to compete as well, doubling the fill-rate competition. The best practice is to put the ad just above the fold.

2.Use 300x250 ads for a potential increase in fill rates and RPMs :- 300x250 is built to fit most mobile screens. It also tends to have a high fill rate (and higher RPMs) since many advertisers prefer this size. Research has shown that a 300x250 ad unit placed just below the fold could generate an approximate 50% viewability rate, helping you to maximize the impact of your ad space.

3. Cut accidental clicks :- by moving ads at least 150 pixels away from content. As you improve viewability, you can also improve the user experience and decrease spam rates by leaving room between ads and the context. 150 pixels of space is a good starting point; test and adjust to see what works best with your content.

4.Use page-level ads designed for mobile devices :- To keep pace with the trend to mobile, Google AdSense has launched two kinds of page-level ads: anchor ads and vignettes. Both are designed to increase mobile viewability. Anchor ads, as their name implies, stick to the bottom of the page as the user scrolls. They are smooth and easily dismissed, and they are typically reserved for high RPM ads. 

Vignettes are full-screen ads that appear as users move between pages on a website. These pre-loaded ads display immediately as the user leaves a page, so there's no waiting, and users can dismiss them at any time. Vignettes are reserved for the highest-paying ad impressions.

Check The Best Ad Viewbility :-


Viewability is a publisher's friend. It can help you understand the real performance of every ad to improve your strategy for ad formats and placement. It can also help you increase your revenues in a smarter way. 

Viewability is still relatively new in digital advertising. More and more advertisers are taking the index into account as they allocate future budgets. If you're a publisher, it's a good idea to get ahead of the curve on viewability data and start making adjustments now. Take a look at this infographic for more best practices on how to improve the viewability of your site.
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